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, d.c. and how it is making a lot of people very rich with your hard-earned money. we spent author peter sweitzer to our nation's capitol to take us inside america's biggest boom town. take a look. >> washington, d.c., the nation's capitol. the seat of federal power. increasingly a town that is is very rich. the local native american named the river platomic which means where goods are offloaded or where tribute is paid. today that tribute comes in the form of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money that floods into this city every year. well one out of every six americans worries about where their next meal is coming from, washington, d.c. has the highest rate of fine wine consumption in the united states. while one out of four americans has a mortgage that is under water seven of the 10 wealthiest counties in the united states are counties around this region washington, d.c. now has the highest per capita income in the entire united states. they just passed silicone valley. you are going to discover that washington, d.c. a down that used to be a towfn of sleepy brewer democrats is
of "hannity". for the next hour we are taking a look at the business of government in washington, d.c. and how it is making a lot of people very rich with your hard earned money. we spent author peter switzer to our nation's capital to take us inside this new american boom town. take a look. >> today the tribute comes in the form of trillions of dollars of tax payer money that floods into this city every year. >> while one out of every 6 americans worries about where their next meal is coming from, washington, d.c. has the highest rate of fine wine consumption in the united states. while one out of four americans has a mortgage that is under water, seven of the ten wealthiest counties in the united states are counties around this region. washington, d.c. now has the highest per capita income in the entire united states. they just passed silicone valley. >> you are going to discover that washington, d.c., a town that used to be a town of sleepy bureaucrats is now a town of moz ratty deal moz rot at this deal fine wine luxurious homes and luxurious shops. it's a washington, d.c. a lot of people
it would be between fredericksburg and richmond. showing counties that don't include d.c. but include winter storm warnings on the eastern shore. as this evening commute gets going look for things to change between now and 6:00. our southern tracking snow storm will be causing problems south. it is light rain now where it is precipitation in the region. it will mix to light snow. we expect no problems for d.c. on north. where we do get freezing temperatures overnight and down south where you get accumulation we are concerned there will be slick spots early in the morning. i noticed today there was a ton of salt on the road. good job crews! where the roads were not treated there could be problems in the morning. gary has more on radar and how much snow we expect to occur and where. >> driving around d.c. you'd think the snow occurred. the salt is blowing around. we'll show you the big picture. snow is lurking back southwest of us. you can see snow west of the mountains. as the sun begins to set and as this light rain moves in it will help tumble the temperature down. we'll get light sn
. in the light blue area which is mainly north and east of dng, that's -- of d.c., that's where we have a little bit of heavier snow. it might be coming down one inch per hour. but all things said and down, we're looking at this closing out fairly quickly. gary mcgrady standing by with a look at temperatures and we're -- and where we're standing with the timing of this. >> in typical clipper fashion, this is moving along pretty quickly. i want to show you the regional picture here to give you an idea. we're already beginning to see a shutoff back out -- shutoff back out to the west of us. this clearly shows it. this is really a three-hour time frame and how quickly this has moved on across. there's a little bit of lingering snow to the west, western sections of maryland but that is quickly moving o. down south through the carolinas. this has turned into a little bit of an ice event. they have coatings down there and slippery travel through central sections of north carolina right now. but again all this moving on off to the east and to the northeast. the big problem here this afternoon, temperat
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. but the neighbor could face charges for violating d.c. gun laws. >> reporter: the fifth grader is set to be holding up after surgery. he was at the hospital getting a shot when we stopped by his house. he is now undergoing a rabies shot. this is his third one. i believe this should be his last shot for the vaccine. >> reporter: his uncle says since the three dogs attacked him while he was riding his bike, he's afraid to go outside. >> brand-new bicycle for christmas and it was three, they mauled him. neighbor, they kind of seen what was going on. so he went into the house and grabbed the handgun and came back out. >> i was in my living room and it was a blood curdling scream, and i knew something intense was happening. i looked outside my window in time to see the dogs being shot. >> reporter: we stopped by the house where neighbors say the dogs' owner lived. but no one answered. police have cited the dog owner with failing to have his dogs on a leash, $75, and a $100 fine for menacing people. >> that's it? he got away pretty good. >> reporter: then there are the questions about whether the gun the
henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> 27 years in prison, that's how long a d.c. man will spend behind bars for his role in the death of a d.c. principal. brian betts was shot in his silver spring home in 2010. today a judge sentenced lancaster for 15 years for robbery and 12 for the use of a handgun. the family says while it's been difficult, they're ready to move on. >> our family got a life sentence when we lost brian. we won't get him back. >> i don't have any hate for him. i want the system to work for him and i hope it does. >> a foundation has been set up in brian betts honor called the bkb foundation benefiting students and faculty members who want to improve their education or career. >>> it is the defense's turn now in the misconduct trial of the anne arundel county executive john leopold accused of using his detail to make sexual encounters and keep tabs on his political enemies. today the judge dropped one of the five charges against him because the state did not meet its burden of proof. >>> hundreds of thousands of pro life demonstrators packed onto the national mall on d.c., their go
the president and first lady painted bookcases and helped with repairs inside a d.c. elementary school in northeast. thousands of volunteers in our area and across the country. they also volunteered for community service. it's all to honor the late martin luther king jr.. >> more importantly, everybody here, adults to children, understands the importance of his impact. >> tomorrow president obama takes the oath after office at noon to begin his -- of office at noon to begin his second term of office. it will be a private ceremony at the white house and the public swearing in takes place monday at the capitol followed by the inaugural parade. the service project today was at the d.c. armory. our surae chinn reports people who came out today were volunteering on behalf of the military men and women. >> reporter: navy commander rodney blevins is paying it forward and showing his son -- >> volunteering. >> reporter: along the way. >> one more. ♪ there you go. >> good job. >> it's all about giving something back to the community and what better way to do that than to bring my son out and
. >> not so bad here in the weather center. we're watching clouds and we had a few showers south of d.c. but those showers are pretty much gone with. 41 in dulles. the same in manassas. 44 at reagan national airport. if you're looking for the colder air, head out to the west. 27 in oakland, maryland. moisture is to the south of our area and it is going to continue to lift off toward the south i should say drop to the south as we move through the overnight hours. we're going to look for our skies to begin to clear. here's a look at the forecast for the evening hours. our temperatures for the most part will fall into the 30's for the evening hours. as we move into the later night hours dropping into the 20's. coming up we'll talk about the full forecast for the rest of the week. if you're looking for snow, i will give you an idea when we might see a little around here. >> fire investigators are foe kissed on two red flags. a con gre investigation looks for another place to worship. there was a fire early this morning on oxon hill. >> it was early this morning fl
that salt and buildup off their cars and men people had that idea at mr. wash here in northwest d.c. however, did that washing of the car jinx us? gary mcgrady in the weather center. what's the morning commute looking like and did it jinx us? >> there was a reason why i didn't get my car washed. i didn't want to spend the money, because i knew we would get more rain and stuff tomorrow and followed up wednesday. if you did, i understand to clear off that salt. listen, let me show you first of all the winter weather advisories in place. this is not going be a big, big deal. i don't see any indication we'll get a big accumulation of ice from this sleet or freezing rain. all the numbers are pointing towards the fact that the precip will be super light out there. maybe only up to 0.10 inches some of that in the form of rain. this side of the bay and mountains squeezed into this advisory until noon or so. cold air trapped at the surface. warm air is coming over the surface aloft creating a bit of a mess tomorrow morning. to the west mostly rain. the thin band of pink, that's it changing over to sl
on the flu vaccine in the d.c. area. some doctor's offices and local pharmacies have run out. the shortage has healthcare providers scrambling to restock and people afraid of the flu scrambling to get protection wherever they can. the doctors at metropolitan pediatrics in rockville started seeing cases of the flu in october and they just keep coming. >> we've had probably 20 or 25 cases the past two weeks. >> reporter: now they're out of flu vaccine. >> we ordered about 12 or 1,300 doses expecting it was going to be a rough year since last year was so mild and we ran out just about a week ago. >> reporter: and they're not alone. this early onset of the flu has caused a run on the vaccine at d.c. area doctor's offices and pharmacies including the pediatric veriage on massachusetts avenue. the office -- village on massachusetts avenue. the office manager said they won't have any until monday. that's why little nima and his mom ended up inside the cvs pharmacy inside of tenleytown. >> we called his pediatrician and they ran out of the vaccine. >> reporter: the cvs pharmacy itself is out of
night around the d.c. region. severe storms led to flooded streets and power outages. good morning, washington. it's thursday, january 31. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. good morning. 6800 customers without power in the d.c. area. what is in store for the rest of the day? storm watch coverage begins with meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> the cold front has not yet passed through our area. it is just off to the west. temperatures will fall throughout the day. this is as warm as we will gaps, wha -- as warm as we will get. all the warnings have expired in terms of severe weather. there's still a lot of standing water. that is something we will have to deal with throughout much of today. there was a record rainfall at dulles, more than two inches in the last 24 hours. over an inch in d.c., merely a four inches in culpeper. the green areas will coincide with the heaviest rainfall. that's where the flood warnings remain in effect now. 32 in elkins, 60 in d.c. it will be a blustery afternoon with temperatures falling into the 40's. details on the wind and what we can expect ove
activity at this time. -- d.c. is where you are seeing activity at this time. the 270 in the beltway began to meet. we do not have any advisories or watches. a quiet overnight ahead, slowlytures the will 30's into thehe 20's. some of us will see temperatures in the teens. we have a warm up on the way. details on when we expect temperatures to be the much as around .0's issued an inside of a d.c. nightclub. inside ining d.c. nightclub. police are still on the hunt for a suspect. this happen overnight it to a club 30 a.m. on the 2400 block of the benning road northeast. police said none of the victims suffering from life- threatening injuries. searching for a gunman who they said was inside the nightclub, and to open fire on fellow patrons. -- and opened fire on fellow patrons. that is sad. were gunned down at the d.c. soundstage. is website says the concert features a variety of live , karaoke, and comedians. it is a nice place. >> this woman says she has performed at the nightclub. i have never had a problem. some neighbors say the crowd rowdy, trashing the streets and making a lot of nois -- my fox d.c.'s facebook page. >>> straight ahead on the news edge. >>> on the heels of the connecticut shooting tragedy, why that song is being pulled from the air at a local radio station. plus, cheating allegations resurface at d.c. public schools. sue. >> and some clouds coming through the area today ahead of a cool front and what a spread in the 17 degrees difference between d.c. at 45 and fredericksburg at 62 and will we have anymore 60s in the forecast? i will fill you in on that with the seven-day forecast in just moments. brian. >> and if you have a story idea, give the fox 5 tipline a call. or e-mail us fox 5   irene, drop the itch. we dropped the itch, you can too. with maximum strength scalpicin®. it's not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch. free yourself from embarrassing scalp itch. drop the itch with maximum strength scalpicin®. also available scalpicin® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control. share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family sh
mixing with light snow south of d.c. there will be nothing of significance from d.c. north. anything to cause problems. we'll watch temperatures overnight. we think it will be dropping below freezing. there could be slick spots where you get accumulation which will be down south. there is a lot of cold air on the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that in moments. >>> down south they are preparing. karen is live in fredericksburg tonight. >> reporter: fredericksburg is on the cusp of where a band of snow is expected. it has mostly been raining much of the early afternoon and evening. it has tapered down to almost nothing. which could mean this is the calm for before the storm. for now v-dot has 35 salt trucks on 95 just so they can be ready when the first few snowflakes come down. a few miles north of here in stafford county v-dot cranked up the action around 3:00 at the salt distribution center. trucks loaded up with a mixture of sand and salt. the folks at v-dot are closely monitoring the forecast so they can stay on top of the weather. >> we normally pretreat roads with a brinin
is raising around d.c. landmarks. >>> hundreds of thousands bear witness to history. we've got your inauguration recap from the special ceremony details to the singing controversy. >>> and we'll tell you about the new milestone for a local college student who became a worldwide symbol of hope in the fight against cancer. >>> first, a news4 i-team exclusive is causing a stir with the national parks service. rangers are caught on camera breaking into restricted areas, and it's raising some serious concerns about security around some of d.c.'s national monuments. tisha thompson has more on the video that's launched an internal investigation. >> the news4 i-team obtained a copy of a dvd that looks like a home movie, with the words "this must stop" on it. but what we found has the u.s. park service reinforcing security at monuments thousands visit every day. it's an inside look at some of the most famous monuments in washington. above the lincoln memorial, inside the washington monument, underneath the jefferson memorial. but here's why this isn't just your average tourist video. people
washington, d.c. the glitz and glamour, celebrities walking aroundour street. you could confuse this place for either l.a. or miami. we're in front of the portrait gallery where the party has been going on all day. today we were talking about young voters out on the red carpet. take a look. >> our inaugural party was a star-studded event with names like will i am and common, all of them talking about the importance of the young american vote. >> talk a little bit about how important this event is tonight, to continue to motivate the youth to show up and vote. >> oh, man, it's very significant. we need our youth. our youth are the future. >> hopefully the ones who didn't vote saw the power of those that activated themselves to inspire them next time around, not to just vote for a president, but local politicians as well. >> young people, if you don't get out and vote, one day it's going to happen to our life. amen. it feels like one more person that would have voted, it would have been okay. one day that will happen. hopefully that will be my vote and i'll be at the poll
will continue to be done on this whole fiscal cliff business. it is a cold day in washington, d.c. it is wintertime so we expect that. not a big surprise there. it is thursday, january 3, 2013. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. good morning to you. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's hello to tucker barnes and get the least our forecast. >> hello, tucker barnes. >> it got cold outside. cold start to the day but a mostly sunny day and high abouts 40 degrees. >> okay. >> is it like a carbon copy pretty much? >> yes, i think so. >> we could rerun yesterday's forecast. >> yeah. i have a different tie on. but yeah. so i guess it is big change from yesterday, it is even colder this morning than it was yesterday morning as the very chilly air from the north and west has had a chance to move on in. we do have some clouds out there at this hour. there will be some clouds here not next few hours. but just like yesterday, we'll trend toward mostly sunny skies and a nice quiet pattern. not expecting any rain or winter weather around here any time soon. much of your next seven days fe
, and head of security at a club. >> d.c. has a problem on that it can but not a bad problem. >> a $400 million surplus was discovered in the city's budget and now they're trying to figure out to use it. out that there are plenty of ideas about what to do with this money. >> lots of ideas. you're about to hear some interesting ones. right now, the city of d.c. has about $1.2 billion in cash reserves. that's not counting this new $400 million. as you can imagine there's a tug of war going on in the city council about what to do with all the money. talk of extra money in the bank for the city of d.c. is leading to a loss of opinions. save it or spend it? $400 million -- a budget surplus is available after stronger revenue collections and economy. d.c. city leaders already have a wish list of where the city should spend money, we decided to ask the people of d.c. with the money should be spent on. one woman did not hesitate to put out the trash in the streets. >> you look around and see how much needs to be done. look at the streets. the count 30 it is. >> want spending soluti
will be a d.c. life. >> i work at the house building. it is all blocked off. >> this includes nearly 4000 police office personnel. butler adams from chicago is here in 2009. all this is a part of the post- 9/11 world. >> something that may happen to the president, people in the city in general. >> within a not duration crowd of 500,000 to 700,000 people, everything will remain open. >> most countries -- went to the olympics this year, same situation. correct on monday, and airspace around the district will be closed. no river traffic on the potomac. >> i am not surprised that you have security. >> some might wish this distinguished occasion could be more open. pre-9/11, if you wilpening. >> i do appreciate all the security. >> all of that additional security comes at a price, time. it will take you longer to get where you need to go. the best advice i am hearing is to get here early. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> good advice there. it is not just about the preparations, it is also about the parties. there are lots of them. rebecca cooper joins us live with more on tonight's's festivitie
>>> good morning. i'm live in washington, d.c. coming up we'll have a run down of the musical entertainment that will be performing at today's inauguration ceremonies. >>> very heartbreaking for us. i still don't believe it. >> deadly overnight gunfire in san francisco. a grieving mother talks about her devastating loss. >> reporter: the 49ers are going to the super bowl. we'll tell you how much tickets cost and show you where you can get championship gear. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell, who is in washington, d.c. today, covering our presidential inauguration. it's monday january, 21st. martin luther king day as well. >>> happening right now in washington, d.c., thousands of people are in washington, d.c. along with tori campbell for president obama's inauguration for his second term. we're out there live right in the middle of the music, the pomp, the circumstance, thousands of people are out there as we look at these live pictures of some of the military music
in it latest update today, the c.d.c. says 7.3% of the deaths in this country last week were caused by flu and pneumonia, meaning we have an epidemic. since mid-november, the number of states reporting that flu had reached wide areas has grown week after week after week. it's widespread tonight. in 47 states. flu season started early, but here's the good news: it may be peaking early and here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: the c.d.c. says the number of states reporting high flu activity has dropped from 29 to 24. but in places like new york, the number of cases is still rising at montefiore medical center they're having trouble keeping up. >> this week we hit 371 patients in a 24-hour period. the days following they hit 394. much of it is flu-like illness. >> reporter: the current vaccine is 62% effective. that's about average. but it may be less effective in the elderly whose immune systems are less robust. >> i'm here for your flu shot. >> reporter: in the bronx, health officials are targeting seniors who account for 90% of all flu-related deaths. today nurse stacy rivera was givi
to stay off the roads until 10:00 a.m. but federal offices in the d.c. area opening at noon today. federal employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. >> d.c. public schools and offices will be open two hours late today. essential personnel must report on time. there are a number of private schools, also local governments and businesses that have changed their status today. you can see those along bottom of your screen and also on our web site, i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. let's get a quick check of the weather. sitting in for tucker barnes, gwen is here. >> some of you not seeing very much or anything at all. some of you to the south and west of d.c. are in the thick of it. here is a look at our fox aaccu- weather radar and you can see the wide area in the pink here. that is a mixture of sleet and freezing rain a and a little bit of light rain to the north of fredericksburg. all of this is moving its way to the east. to our weather maps. here is a look at the area under a winter weather advisory right now. this is in effect through un
for someone to fall through it. especially if they don't know it's there. d.c.'s police chief set it was a tragic accident. police sea hi felt and lost his life, a tragic end to a search many hoped would have a different ending. >> i imagined maybe he had go to a friend and they would find him. >> he rang in the new year at shenanigan's. his friends say he later called and was on the rooftop, but didn't specify where. wednesday night police responded to biltmore street and columbia road northwest to make the discovery. poe's family and friends posted fliers along that same street. poe's father put many of the posters imhimself. wednesday he said he feared for his son's safety. >> it's unbelievable the emptyness we feel. >> reporter: today he declined to speak, but the signs of his efforts to find his son are still seen across the area. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says the death doesn't seem to be a crime. >> it's very early in the investigation. right now it appears there's an accidental fall. >> too many mean say they are looking into the circumstances of that deadly fall. poe
this morning, feels like 28 in d.c. when you add in the wind chill factor. it will warm into the 40's. not terrible overall. more details on the arctic blast, minutes away. let's see what's happening on the road. a lot of things are closed, steve. >> metro has station closures today because of the inauguration ceremony. completely closed to everybody archives mount vernon square, and smithsonian station, closed all day. they will reopen tomorrow morning. if you have tickets to the inauguration you are encouraged to use the union station judiciary square, capitol south, a federal center southwest of stations. those will be the easiest to get to the inauguration ceremonies pick. everybody else, l'enfant plaza the gallery place, metro center not far to walk. pennsylvania avenue is closed. third street to 23rd street are blocked off. you cannot get around on third street fighter. driving into the downtown area, the best thing to do is stay north of k strip in treet. at massachusetts you are very near all the closures. so, north of k street to get across downtown in the east-west direction
: okay. if you say so. it is "the stephanie miller show" on the road live from washington, d.c. for the inauguration. here we are in bill press's studio. >> this is so discombobulating. >> stephanie: it is like the regular show only with more drinking and less sleep. jacki, how are you doing in there? can you hear me? >> i'm behind the glass. i'm in the news team. >> stephanie: she looks like a lobster. i want that one! >> you want the smallest lobster? >> stephanie: i want the smallest, boniest, spiniest lobster in the tank. the one from miami. i feel like we've overtaken bill press's fort. >> we have. >> stephanie: every time i have to take over, i say the same thing to him. he's like hi, steph. i'm like get out bill. >> daven is out here on the floor. >> dan henning his associate producer. >> stephanie: kids, where do we start? wowee. >> first of all, i have been drunk -- >> stephanie: i took the party plane out. i was telling you guys. >> you made a lot of new friends on the party plane. >> stephanie: the flight from l.a., every single person on the flight was drunk jim. i'
this morning, d.c. mayor vincent gray will announce the results of d.c.'s 2012 fiscal year later on this morning. at announcement is expected to reveal a more than $400 million surplus for the city. mayor gray has hinted that he would put the large surplus into the city's reserve fund. other d.c. lawmakers believe the extra cash should be used to help fund social services in the area. coming up in just a few minutes, find out where d.c. residents think that cash should be used. >>> the fate of a former cull ander police officer charged with murder is now in the hands ever the jury. daniel harmon wright responded. he said he tried to question patricia cook while she was sitting in her car but she rolled up the window trapping his and and he shot her seven times. >>> new this morning, a soldier who received a double arm transplant will share his story later this morning in a news conference at johns hopkins hospital. 26-year-old brendan morocco lost his arms and legs in a roadside bombing in iraq in 2009. last month, he received the hospital's first double arm transplant and is und
that. the concern this morning is refreezing. d.c. will deploy about 200 plows starting this afternoon so they will be monitoring all of the major arteries and working to get things cleared out you want do want to be very careful. also want to mention for property owners, you want to clear your sidewalks and walkways of snow within about 24 hours and look out for any elderly or disabled neighbors in your area. help them out as well. julie has been mentioning you want to make sure your gas tank is filled, windshield wiper fluid and make sure you have the ice scraper in the car and charge your cell phone. >> a d.c. teen is recovering this morning and the search is on for his attackers after he was brutally salted near the rhode island avenue metro stop. 17-year-old joseph agola was jumped and robbed wednesday afternoon on his way home. he says seven guys stole his wallet in the attack. joseph suffered a broken arm and jaw. his jaw is now wired shut for several weeks. anyone with information is asked to call d.c. police. >>> two arrests in the gang- related murder of a prince george's tee
the aea of trash collection and refund. d.c. is just one of the places affected by closing public schools. ,chools serving low-income minority students are being group journey for justice, from 18 cities .ill testify >> later this morning, president heads to las vegas. lay out his immigration reform plan. some of his proposals are expected to overlap with the revealed by senators on monday. the path to citizenship in return for tighter border an overhaul of the legal immigration system. it received mixed reaction in the d.c. area. america is a country of opportunities. that is what we are looking for. not trying to get in front of the line. want the same chance as everybody else. if everybody played by the ,ules and follow the procedures a fool them look like in the ruleelieved of law. >> a white house welcomed the 's plan. some say they have concerns about it. this morning we will hear first recipient of a from johnstransplant hopkins hospital. limbs in a road bombing any rack -- in iraq. the limbs already move a little. comptroller peter will be enforced types today today to pun
and d.c. surging to 69 degrees. and that is not a record. everyone was like can we do this tomorrow to make plans. tomorrow's weather looks crazy. we'll talk about that and some action out there issue media day. >> and it's hot out there, too. and coming up in sports, rallyist fire and it's not about -- ray lewis is under fire and gonzalez is accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. what he has to say about that later in sports.  >>> six weeks later, a sarg sent going home. he lost all four of his limbs in an explosion in iraq and 16 doctors worked to connect the blood vessels and number ofs and skin. he will always remember the first time he moved his mew arms. >> and was sitting there with my friends and did it by yes it's -- it's like did you do that on purpose? i didn't know i was doing it. >> and the surgery lasted for 14 hours. he is expected to reach max him mobility in two to three years. >>> wanted a d.c.'s top cop will be questioned surrounding the mass arrest in persian ing park. the new documents show the chief lanier scheduled to testify in federal c
in northwest d.c. of a man found inside a shack. police are trying to figure out what happened. good morning, washington. thursday, january 3. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. id is the coldest day of the to 31in the upper 20s d.c., 25 in gaithersburg, 23 in frederick, martinsburg. this is 10 degrees colder than morning. yesterday so you are feeling cold as you door this morning. we have some clouds this morning. we will see clearing skies throughout the day. yesterday in the we will have morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. temperatures reaching the upper 30's today. does get better. the seven-day forecast coming up. with jameetraffic whitten. >> thank you so much. it is no surprise we have a break.ain i will start first with the anthracene on avenue, headed to heights, this has closed since the overnight hours. during the evening rush hour yesterday. i am just hearing that will allow the right lane to get by. avocado isconsin bethesda andgh towards friendship heights after bradley boulevard. wisconsin the will be a deal for hour
inches. >> whether systems are not always so predictable. most of the d.c. region did not see any snow. parts of southern and west virginia got quite a winter blast. good morning, washington. it's friday, january 18. there's no snow outside. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. glad to have you along. let's get to jacqui jeras to talk about the forecast for today. she is incognito. >> what are we looking for? >> for the weather forecast. >> adam caskey is over there. >> exchanges by the hour. look at the two of you hiding. >> these sunglasses will come in handy later today. i have quite a bit of confidence in that, just so you know. kind of a busted on this one. it did what we originally thought it was going if we had stuck with our guns. we're always on edge around here. it's one of those things you have to deal with. let's go ahead and show you the satellite and radar picture. you can kind of see the circulation of the area of low pressure on the southern end of that. you can see as it progresses through time it stays down to our south and shoots off to the east. it kept us out
in northeast, d.c. >> this is what america's about. this is what we celebrate. >> they started the day of service at their first inauguration, a call for people to volunteer on this specific day. vice-president joe biden spent today in southeast at the d.c. armory, filling care packages for troops. on the national mall, a service summit, with celebrities like eva longoria and chelsea clinton. >> it is inspiring to see all of these people out here. everybody is here to give back. >> and people did not even have to wait. they can participate on service projects on site. >> it shows the love and passion we have for one another. >> president obama said this service they should be a symbol of how the nation can work together. they spent the day pending a bookshelf. the president says he knows that he is told now that bending down to paint kind of hurts. >> the president said he is ready for the inauguration. >> the theme of this year's inauguration is our people, our future. >> the city has been turned into a fortress, but the capital and security locked down. while there will not be as man
to the series of shootings and accepted a plea deal in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence. >>> a veteran d.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl pleads not guilty. wendell palmer was the director of a church choir at the time. the woman says palmer abused her inside the church and other places for two years. she says it started back in 2004. the judge has ordered palmer held pending a preliminary hearing tuesday. >>> coming up next, president obama and vice president joe biden making good on a promise to present gun control reform legislation soon. >> the man accused of a deadly shooting spree inside a colorado movie theater will go onto trial. fox 5 news will be back in a moment.  >>> the judge overseeing a preliminary hearing into the colorado movie sheet are shooting says the case can go to trial. judge william sylvester says there is enough evidence against james holmes from last summer's massacre in aurora. he is due back in court later today for an arraignment. but his lawyers say they are not ready to enter a plea. >>> less than a
. and now bruce johnson reports that d.c. mayor vincent gray wants a name change to be a part of any future relocation discussion. >> reporter: mayor gray says there's been no commitment from skins owner dan snyder but there have been talks. have you had a discussion with dan snyder about bringing the redskins back to d.c. say in five years? >> i've talked to the team. we have had very preliminary discussions. >> reporter: the mayor suggested the team would have to undergo a name change. >> there's no doubt there's going to have to be a discussion about that. >> reporter: native americans and others consider it a racial slur but team owner dan snyder has won court battles to keep it. mr. mayor, you think the name ought to be changed? need to drop the redskins? >> i think it has become a lightning rod. i would love to be able to sit down with the team, bruce. i'm happy to do that to sit down with the team and others who are concerned with this and see if a change should be made. >> reporter: d.c. councilman jack evans recently told 9news he'd like to see the redskins playing in the district
. a lot of excitement in the air around d.c. today, chris. >> reporter: good evening. you could see at this hour on the mall people are milling about. it's a beautiful evening and the people are very friendly and excited down here. crowds, traffic growing. tomorrow the focus of the world will be on the u.s. capitol for the inauguration, and today some of the people participating in inaugural activities got a front row view of history. long lines of people waited to get into metropolitan ame, the oldest african methodist episcopal church in washington, d.c., to be with the president and first family. >> i'm very much excited. all the way from africa just to be here and watch it with obama. >> reporter: moments later motorcades arrived thrilling the crowds. >> he leaned forward and waved. i saw him directly and it made me happy. i wanted to wave and say, we support you. >> reporter: the president and mrs. obama heard a sermon that reflected the theme of this inaugural. >> in all of our undertakings, we need to move forward under his leadership, move forward under his guidance and dire
. in the teens throughout much of the d.c. metro area, which means that overnight tonight, we will see some refreezing. we will see slick spots out here. but the snow, here in gaithersburg, is pretty much over with. i'm meteorologist erica grove, wusa9. >> thank you erica. well this had nothing to do with the snow, however, an suv clipped the rear end of the d.c. ambulance in southeast this afternoon and that suv flipped over and the woman inside it was killed. it happened just after 2:00 near the intersection of 12th and southern. investigators say the woman was driving the vehicle. she also then slammed into several other cars. she died at the scene. two firefighters went to the hospital. their injuries were minor. d.c. police made a quick arrest in the murder early today and it took the life of a teenager. the victim, 18-year-old nicole lee of takoma park. police found her shot to death about 3:30 in the morning at 5th and nicolson. hours later, they caught up with a man th say pulled the trigger. he is 21-year-old alexander. he and the young woman did know each other. >> and a man who
to be inspired. >> among the 800,000 people converging on d.c. -- >> going to be really crowded! >> the everett family from tampa, florida. >> at this moment to -- in time to be here and share and be part of sharing the excitement for our country. >> at a time when the inaugural spirit is almost everywhere the city's luxury hotels are cashing in. at the willard there is patriotism history and op ulence at at $1,100 a night. but susan, who traveled here wall -- all the way to germany -- >> yes, they rewarded me with the golden ticket. it's actually open seating. first come, first serve. got to get there early. >> a second inauguration for mr. obama -- >> i can't wait to see the president and hear what he has to say. >> but still special. >> this time it's a sense of community and camaraderie and celebrating what we want america to be. >> that last shot gives you a sense of what things will look like. crowds are expected to be slightly smaller this time around but enough to generate some $50 million in revenues for the city. and tonight is a good
's inauguration. shocking allegations against the d.c. police. why crime victims say investigators are making matters worse. >>> day three of the hostage standoff in algeria. the state department confirms one american has been killed. his body found inside the bp natural gas plant. algeria state news claims nearly 100 of the 132 foreign hostages have now been released. secretary of state hillary clinton expressed continued u.s. support for the algerian government and response to the standoff. >> let's not forget this is an act of terror. the perpetrators are the terrorists. >> u.s. officials tell nbc news that five americans were working in the plant. two escaped. two more are being held. the militants have offered to release them in exchange for two convicted terrorists in the u.s. a state department spokesperson says the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. now to the countdown to inauguration day. hundred of thousand of people will be descending on our fair city for the start of president obama's second term monday. tonight the stage is set. crews are putting the finishing tou
. >> from high school dropout to single mother to the youngest police chief in washington, d.c., more with cathy lanier sunday night. >> on the next "washington journal," how republicans in congress should proceed over the next four years. then we will look at the state of gay-rights in the u.s. and after that, we will discuss the ongoing -- the effect the ongoing drought is having plus, your e-mails, phone calls, and tweets on "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. on cspan. >> louisiana governor bobby jindal called on changes in his party. he spoke last night at the republican national committee winter meeting in charlotte, north carolina. we will have more live coverage of the rnc meeting later today. >> we are honored and blessed -- we are honored and blessed to have governor bobby jindal with us tonight. we have a great partnership that goes back quite a few years. and i am just thrilled to have a partner like bobby at the rga. i think you all know that even among republicans, it is extra special when you know you are dealing with a man of his word that makes a promise and keeps
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